School-wide Sites
ixl Math

EnVision Math


Websites used in Library
Make your own wordsearch
Typing practice
The White House

Pigeon Presents - Mo Willems
Seussville - games
Word Bingo
Make A Snowman
Make A Pizza 
Cat in the Hat Gravity Falls

Grade 1

Plants & Flowers
Calliou's Garden
Flower Finder
Cat in the Hat Leafy Roundup


Oxford Owl (complete site) & Find A Book

Spelling Practice

Grade 1 - Computer & Technology Terms

Green Light Web Sites
    Growing Plants - BBC

    Living Things - BBC 

    The Cat in the Hat - Math Safari

     Sid the Science Kid

Bird Project
PebbleGo (login info on blue sheet)
National Geographic's Animals (use the search bar to find your bird)

ABC order


Grade 2

American Museum of Natural History ~ oLogy

 Olivia the Pig

BBC Maths - Grade 2 
Addition & Subtraction
    Place Values
    Number Sequence

Make a Flake

The Wilbur & Orville Wright Story
Henri Matisse

Grade 3

Geography Practice
   Continents & Oceans
   US Geography
   All Geography games

PBS Kids - Webonauts

BBC Maths - Grade 3 
    Addition & Subtraction
    Mental Math Skills 
Place Values
    Number Patterns

Magic Tree House

American Museum of Natural History
    ology for kids

Grade 3 -Animal Planet's Wild Animals
Grade 3 - Extreme Animals

Grade 3 - National Geographic Countries
Grade 3 - Geography Quizzes

Simple Machines
Compound Machines

Grade 4

BBC Bitesize Science
Rosen Life Science
Bio Cube Creator

BBC Maths - Grade 4 
Addition & Subtraction
    Mental Math Skills 
Place Values
    Number Patterns
    Operations (+, -, /, x)

Science Kids (some ads, but great games)
Forces in Action
    Rocks & Minerals
    Magnets & Springs
    Electrical Circuits

Grade 5

Digital Passport (CSM)

BBC Maths - Grade 5 
Addition & Subtraction
    Factors & Multiples
    Ordering & Comparing Fractions
    Converting Fractions to Decimals
    Mental Math Skills 
Operations (+, -, /, x)

Scholastic's Severe Weather, Winter Weather  & Interactive Weather Maker

Reference Quiz 1  &  Reference Quiz 2

Root Word Meanings

Homphone Games
Word Central Games @ Merriam-Webster

Funbrain's Math Arcade

Winter Weather Christmas Traditions
Interactive Weather Maker

It's Greek to Me! - 5th grade


Digital Citizenship
Create Your Own Comic Strip
Marvel's Create Your Own Superhero