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ixl Math

EnVision Math


Websites used in Library

Seussville - games
Word Bingo
Make A Snowman
Make A Pizza 
Cat in the Hat Gravity Falls

Grade 1 -
Spelling Practice

Grade 5 - Winter Weather & Christmas Traditions
Interactive Weather Maker

It's Greek to Me! - 5th grade

Magic Tree House

Kindergarten - ABCya

Make your own wordsearch

Grade 3 - National Geographic Countries
Grade 3 - Geography Quizzes

Grade 1 - Computer & Technology Terms

Digital Citizenship
Create Your Own Comic Strip
Marvel's Create Your Own Superhero

Science Kids (some ads, but great games)
    Forces in Action

    Rocks & Minerals
    Magnets & Springs
    Electrical Circuits
EdHeads - Compund Machines

Grade 1 - Bird Project
PebbleGo (login info on blue sheet)
National Geographic's Animals (use the search bar to find your bird)

April is Poetry Month!
    Jack Prelutsky
Root Word Meanings

Homphone Games
Word Central Games @ Merriam-Webster

The Wilbur & Orville Wright Story

Henri Matisse

Typing practice


The White House

BBC - Math Practice

BBC Spelling & Grammar Games

Grade 1


Oxford Owl (complete site) & Find A Book

Green Light Web Sites
    Growing Plants - BBC

    Living Things - BBC 

    The Cat in the Hat - Math Safari

     Sid the Science Kid

ABC order


Grade 2

BBC Maths - Grade 2 
Addition & Subtraction
    Place Values
    Number Sequence

Make a Flake

Grade 3
BBC Maths - Grade 3 
    Addition & Subtraction
    Mental Math Skills 
Place Values
    Number Patterns

American Museum of Natural History
    ology for kids

Grade 3 -Animal Planet's Wild Animals
Grade 3 - Extreme Animals

Simple Machines
Compound Machines

Grade 4

Bio Cube Creator

BBC Maths - Grade 4 
Addition & Subtraction
    Mental Math Skills 
Place Values
    Number Patterns
    Operations (+, -, /, x)

Grade 5

Digital Passport (CSM)

BBC Maths - Grade 5 
Addition & Subtraction
    Factors & Multiples
    Ordering & Comparing Fractions
    Converting Fractions to Decimals
    Mental Math Skills 
Operations (+, -, /, x)

Scholastic's Severe Weather, Winter Weather  & Interactive Weather Maker

Reference Quiz 1  &  Reference Quiz 2


Funbrain's Math Arcade